Do I need a certificate or license to do make-up?

No. To become a makeup artist in New York, you are not required to have a license, but if you want to work as a makeup artist in a salon, then you will have to obtain an esthetician or cosmetology license. Makeup artists should check with their State.


Do you provide a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, a certificate that states you have completed a set number of hours learning and practicing make-up under Zuleika Viera’s tutelage.


Why should I attend your course and not some other school?

Because of Zuleika Viera’s techniques and experience. You will learn from a professional that’s currently in the industry working with many celebrities. She will make sure to impart all her knowledge, teaching the pros and cons of the career and how to avoid commonly known mistakes that upcoming make-up artist make.


Do I have to purchase a makeup kit or do I bring my own?   

All supplies, a makeup kit, skin care and brushes are included in the cost of our 40 hour course. For specialty classes we might ask you to bring a kit but that will be posted on the class information.


What are the class sizes? 

At Zuleika Viera Workshops we offer size classes up to 10 students.


Is there a dress code ?

We encourage students to dress in a professional way, preferably in black.


What are my options for financing?

Once you make a deposit to reserve your spot at any of our courses, we can offer you an in house payment plan.